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Black Dog Veterinary Services

German Shephard being cared for by a staff member

Online Pharmacy

What is VetSource?

VetSource is BDVS's online pharmacy partner.

VetSource works with our distributors to bring you the same high quality products that you can get in the hospital...but delivered directly to your home! VetSource uses only USA approved medications and packaging unlike some other online pharmacies, so you don't have to worry about which country your meds came from, or how they got here.

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VetSource Benefits

VetSource also works directly with BDVS, making sure that all medications that you order are approved specifically for your pet, and are safe and appropriate given your pet's specific medical needs.

VetSource is convenient -delivery directly to your home.

VetSource helps you remember to give your monthly doses with their Autoship program.

VetSource is competitively priced with other online pharmacies.

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